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Why from Zowayed Plastics?

Vacuum bags

  • Provides moderate oxygen transmission rates and low water vapor permeability.
  • Vacuum packing helps preserve the nutritional value and natural flavor of foodstuff.
  • Contents can be seen through and their freshness can be checked upon which makes them excellent for packaging seafood, meat and fresh vegetables.

    Why Vacuum?

  • To cook healthy
  • To get the right taste
  • To prevent the parasites
  • To save time
  • To eliminate bad odor / smell
  • To keep the food in a hygiene environment
  • Varieties of Vacuum Bags

  • Cooking vaccum bags
  • Chanelled bags
  • Smooth vacuum bags
  • Gusetted bags
  • F.A.Q.

  • Which foodstuff can be vacuum-packed?
    All kinds of food can be packed. nevertheless the shelf-life of the product will depend on its nature (the duration of the conservation).
  • What Is The expiration date of a vacuum kept product?
    It changes according to the type of product. vacuum-packed products last 3 or 4 times more than products kept in the traditional way.
  • Can they be packed raw or cooked Indifferently?
    Yes. They can be packed raw or cooked as long as they are cold.
  • Why does the bag “loose” vacuum whenever i pack seasoned cheese or meat with bones?
    products with sharp edges like parmesan cheese, speck, and meat with bones can hole the bag. If so, use a thicker bag. (150/200 micron).
  • Once vacuumed, must the product be kept In the refrigerator?
    except for some products such as flour, coffee, rice or biscuits this vacuum system meets conservation in a positive refrigerator (0°-5°).
  • Vacuum kept meat turns dark; does It have to be thrown away?
    no. meat normally turns dark when vacuum-packed due to the lack of oxygen. once the bag is opened; it turns to its normal color.
  • Can defrost products be vacuum-packed? No. They can only be vacuumed if cooked before.
    Still finding difficulty in choosing bags? mail us your machine details; we will suggest the suitable bags.

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