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Why from Zowayed Plastics?

Ovenable bag

Varieties Of Ovenable bag

  • Fat absorbent bags
  • Shelf life bags
  • Compartment bags
  • Over-the-counter bags
  • Bread bags

  • F.A.Q.

  • Can i put prepared vegetables in the bag, will they still work?
    Yes, you can put cut vegetables in the bag and you will still get shelf-life extension
  • Why use a steam-cooking bag? what are the benefits?
    o using a steam-cooking bag has a number of benefits. the foodstuff is steam-cooked, which is one of the healthiest ways of cooking. in many cases, particularly with seafood and some vegetables, It’s the best Way of cooking. the food cooks in Its own juices, retaining all the flavor.
  • What is the roasting bag made of?
    the roasting-bag is made of nylon
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