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Why from Zowayed Plastics?

Our Products

LDPE & HDPE Bags, Plain & Printed

LDPE material has been the standard for all plastic bags since the beginning of the plastic bag industry. It has good puncture resistance and is thicker and softer in feel than HDPE material.

HDPE garbage bin liners are a strong, thin, material that is frosted in appearance. This material has excellent tensile strength and durability compared to LDPE. The smaller sizes are ideal for office use. The larger sizes, which have increased thickness, are ideal for heavy loads.

Food grade plastic bags

  • Plastics used in food packaging must be of greater purity than plastics used for non-food packaging. This is commonly referred to as food grade plastic.

Carry bags

  • Can be produced in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, with or without gussets, clear or colored, plain or printed, with or without handle to suit your requirements.
  • Printing is up to 6 colors; packing as per requirement – in bundles or kilograms or pieces.
  • Suitable for shops, restaurants, supermarkets etc.

Trash bags

  • These exclusively designed, custom-fit trash bags and bin liners can be made to be strong bags as per your thickness specifications at reasonable prices.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, with or without gussets, clear or colored, plain or printed, with or without handle to suit your necessity.

Laundry bags

  • Used specifically in laundry and ironing industry to cover pants, pressed shirts, suits and long coat sizes.
  • Bags can be produced plain or printed with your own logo to suit your custom requirements.

Water soluble laundry bag

PP Bags
PP Bags
  • These are bags used in laundry and can be put together with the clothes for washing. The bag dissolves in water.
  • Bags with Bio hazard logo is available
  • Available in roll form

Space Saver Bags

PP Bags
PP Bags
  • The space saver bags are an excellent packing system for your garments and linen allowing you to reduce of 80% the volume and it's especially suitable during the season change.
  • Using a simple vacuum cleaner you could suck up the air inside the bag, thus reducing the volume and protecting your linen against dust, unpleasant smells and moths.

Draw string bags (bags that can be tied)

Draw String Bags
Draw String Bags
  • These are bags with draw strings that can be used to tie the bag.
  • Used at hotels in laundry

Oil carry bags / Sludge Bags

Oil Carry Bags / Sludge Bags
Oil Carry Bags / Sludge Bags
  • Sludge is a semi-solid material which is precipitated by sewage treatment. Proper disposal is required.
  • Heavy duty bags in LDPE material is used for this purpose. It has a T-Shirttype handle.

Trolley bags

Trolley Bags
Trolley Bags
  • Used to cover food items on a trolley
  • These are available in food grade as well as non food grade

Seat covers

  • Easily fitted to any make of car or type of seat bucket or bench.
  • Protect the customers seats and steering wheels while being serviced; waterproof and resistant to mud, paint, oil and grease.
  • Custom sizes / colors available; company logos of up to six colors can be printed on the covers.

Polythene rolls

Polythene rolls
Polythene rolls
  • An ideal product for general protection in storage or transit.
  • Polythene which is waterproof and water resistant is "available" on a roll for ease of storage.

Dough sheets

  • These are HDPE sheets which can be used in covering food before they are cooked.
  • Only available in food grade material

Vegetable rolls

  • These are bags made in HDPE material, used in packing vegetables or fruits before paying at the counter.
  • Available in roll form

Dog waste bags

  • These are bags made in HDPE or LDPE material
  • Available in roll Form


  • Required for caterers & hotel industry
  • Available in HDPE material
  • These are disposable ones

Spa bags / beach bags

  • Used to spread on the spa bed
  • These are available in LDPE material
  • Plain & printed

Spa sheets

  • Used to spread on the bed for spa purpose
  • Disposable
  • Available in LDPE material

Jacuzzi head rest – plastic

PP Bags
PP Bags
  • These are used to protect the head rest
  • Available in tube form

Pillow / Blanket cover – plastic

PP Bags
PP Bags
  • This bag comes in a packet of 25 pieces which is supplied in a box filled with 48 packets.
  • Used to pack blankets / pillows
  • Material used Is LDPE

Sanitary bags

  • Available in HDPE material, this bag comes in a packet of 25 pieces which is supplied in a box filled with 48 packets.
  • Dispenser is available in stainless steel

Piping bags

  • Silicone coated as well as plain ones are available
  • Available in different colors too
  • Mostly used in bakeries for decorating cakes, pastries etc.

Stretch Wrap Films

  • Stretch film is an affordable way to protect and cushion your products, as well as keep them clean during transport.
  • Superior stretch ability; clings to itself & thus eliminates the need for tapes, heat or ties.
  • Puncture and tear resistant material; available in both hand-grade and machine-grade to suit specific application needs.

Reclosable / Zipper / Sampling Bags

  • They are the perfect choice for grouping light weight objects and protecting them against dust or dirt.
  • Widely used in laboratory and foodservice sector.
  • Available with white patches where in the white block area facilitates labeling using markers, ballpoint pen or pencil

Bubble Sheets

  • These clear polyethylene bubble rolls protects your products against shock, abrasion, and vibration by serving as an excellent cushion and fills void.
  • Anti static wrap is designed specifically to protect sensitive electronic components from damage caused by static electricity; are ideal for storing or shipping a wide variety of bulk materials, equipments, machinery, pallet loads, cabinets, furniture, and other fragile items.

BOPP Films

  • This material has good clarity, resistance to UV light, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, and a smooth surface.
  • BOPP film has a wide range of applications including but not limited to products for the metallizing, packaging, stationery, tape and label, as well as decorative markets.

Non Woven Bags

Polythene rolls
Polythene rolls
  • Functions such as absorbency, liquid repellence, resilience, stretch, softness, strength, flame retardancy, washability, cushioning, filtering, use as a bacterial barrier and sterility.
  • Can be used as laundry bags in hotels

Adhesive & Non Adhesive Tapes

Polythene rolls
Polythene rolls
  • Also known as masking tapes. used for packing purposes.
  • Available in different colors.

PP Bags

PP Bags
PP Bags
  • PP or polypropylene bags are bags which are strong but have a low density therefore very lightweight. It is translucent in its default state and can be made transparent, so polypropylene is useful for bags that are meant to have their contents visible.
  • Sealed, transparent polypropylene bags are often used to package food in order to make the food visible to potential buyers while retaining freshness.
  • Also used to pack shirts in laundry

Jumbo Bags

jumbo bags
jumbo bags
  • They have large storage capacity and are best suited to carry large and bulky material like fertilizers, chemicals, cement, plastics, etc in a convenient and simple manner.
  • Special features - tear resistance, spacious and lightweight