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About Us

ZOWAYED PLASTIC MATERIALS TRADING CO. LLC Zowayed Plastic Materials Trading Co. Ltd is a leading institution in the field of manufacture and trade of polythene bags, sheets and packaging materials. Established in 1983, we have a diverse product range adhering to stringent quality control and our reliable delivery fleet ensures prompt material supply and services. We are staffed by qualified personnel who are conversant with the applications of our products and can interact with user industries to ensure optimization and problem solving. We cater to the requirements of an esteemed clientele, both local and within the G.C.C.


Imagine the benefits of plastic bags that when thrown into a landfill site or when unfortunately dumped or littered anywhere in the open, will degrade, turning harmlessly into CO2 and water as opposed to lying around for 100 years or more! In accordance to the write-up featured in Gulf News regarding the ban on plastic bags from 2012, ‘Natura’ is our initiative to be a part in the creation of a future that is ecologically sustainable.

Why from Zowayed Plastics?

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